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I have a table that has tblcheck for active for true false in database sql server. I need to add a dropdown  that will only show actives my default on page load, dropdown will have active and inactive. so, basically on page load i will see all actives from database which value = true. how can i do that on c# on web dev.
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what i got from your question that, you want to show database column values in a dropdownlist where some value is defined as  true.

So lets assume the the column u want to show is cActivity and status column's name is cStatus.

    Dim myConnection As SqlConnection
    Dim oblV As New vbGlobalMethods
    Dim connStr As String = "your connection string goes here"

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load

    If Page.IsPostBack = False Then

End Sub

Private Sub fillCmbCity()


            Dim dr As SqlDataReader
            Dim comm As SqlCommand
            myConnection = New SqlConnection(ConnStr)
            Dim sql As String
            sql = "select cActivity from tblActivity where cStatus='true' order by uCityName asc"
            comm = New SqlCommand(sql, myConnection)
            dr = comm.ExecuteReader
            While dr.Read
            End While
        Catch ex As Exception
            lblMessage.Text = ex.Message

        End Try
    End Sub
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You could use a DataView, with a RowFilter set to the condition from the DropDownList, and bind to the DataView.

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