Visual Studio 2005, All toolbox controls grey. How to get them enabled?


Can't figure out why all my toolbox items are grey.

Status to date:
Brand clean os install about 3 weeks ago.  Been building this system moving things over bit at a time.  Installed VS 2005 a week ago along with SQL 2005 (not express).  Built some views and a stored procedure in SQL Server Management studio - no problem.

Yesterday I cranked up Visual Studio, told it new console app, and no controls were present in the toolbox no matter what module or what-have-you I open.

The Toolbox was there, and the only grouping was "Default" and it says "There are no usable controls in this group.  Drag an item onto this text to add it to the toolbox."

I have googled and tried everthing I could find.  I even uninstalled VS & SQL and uninstalled .net.  Did as thorough a clean up as I could.

Reinstalled SQL (which installed the .net 2.0) and then installed VS 2005.

Ran in the service packs and updates.  No errors.

No runs either.  Same problem.  

I tried the delete the 8.0 directory, did the devenv /setup, logged on a user that had never been on this machine.

Nada, zip, scratcharola.  Nothing shows up.  If I put on "show all" I can see the groups and the controls under it are grey/disabled.

Please help me fix this blankety-blank thing so I can get on with my work.

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AanvikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey.. This looks odd..
Can you try a windows application and open the form view as attahed screen.
Console applications do not have a graphical user interface...therefore no controls can be put on a form.
Console apps are "old school" have to write it all yourself.
OuttaCyTEAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the quick response.  What you noted was sufficent by itself, the pictures made it extra clear.
Just for the record.  I had this problem and resolved it by right clicking the toolbox and "show all".  They still came up grayed out, but then when I uncheked "show all" they all came back and were working: odd but true!
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