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Since I am asking two questions I am upping the number of points

I am running Windows Server 2008 on my network.  When I try to go to a \\servername\share I get blocked by the outbound firewall.  Example

SererA has the share I am tring to access from ServerB.  From ServerB I click Start/Run and type \\serverA\share when I disable the Firewall on ServerB it works (yes, the firewall on ServerA is enabled).

The questions
1)  What port do I need to enable or Firewall rule so this works in a secure fashoin on my internal network.
2)  How can tell what port a firewall is blocking in the future?  Is there a utility or technique?

If you have the answer to part of the question please respond and I will split the points accordingly.

ps: Name resolution works just fine I have tested that several ways nslookup, ping -a, both firewalls down it works and with Firewall up on serverA name resolution works.
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Henrik JohanssonConnect With a Mentor Systems engineerCommented:
File sharing is using 139/TCP

Logging can be enabled at Administrative Tools->Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
Right-click on root node in the left pane and choose properties. On each profile-tab (domain, private, public), you can enable logging for successful connections and/or dropped packets.
50centosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Network sharing uses port 445 (SMB). You can make an exception in your FW for "File and Print sharing". If you're using Windows Firewall, this is only application level firewall, and not to be used as a perimeter firewall, since it is not stateful.
eferronAuthor Commented:
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