I am trying to convert a time entered in column (TIL_TAKEN) in my table as 00:00 format to Minutes  in order to calculate a new time  CALLED (TIME_LIEU) .Time in lieu would be the result of
 TIL_TAKEN - REMAINING_UNFORMATTED. REMAINING_UNFORMATTED is shown in Minutes so in order to do the calculation TIL_TAKEN must also be in Minutes.
I have tried doing DATEPART(MINUTE,til_taken) AS TIME_LIEU , this keeps giving me 0
Any ideas
My code is attached

FROM         (SELECT     CAST([total week] / 60 AS varchar(7)) + ':' + RIGHT('00' + CAST([total week] % 60 AS varchar(2)), 2) AS TimeInHours, empid, CONVERT(char(5), 
                                              START_MON, 108) AS START_MON, CONVERT(char(5), LUNCH_OUT_MON, 108) AS LUNCH_OUT_MON, CONVERT(char(5), 
                                              LUNCH_BACK_MON, 108) AS LUNCH_BACK_MON, CONVERT(char(5), END_MON, 108) AS END_MON, Mon_morning, Mon_Evening, 
                                              CONVERT(char(5), START_TUE, 108) AS START_TUE, CONVERT(char(5), LUNCH_OUT_TUE, 108) AS LUNCH_OUT_TUE, CONVERT(CHAR(5), 
                                              LUNCH_BACK_TUE, 108) AS LUNCH_BACK_TUE, CONVERT(CHAR(5), END_TUE, 108) AS END_TUE, TUE_morning, TUE_Evening, 
                                              CONVERT(CHAR(5), START_Wed, 108) AS START_WED, CONVERT(CHAR(5), LUNCH_OUT_Wed, 108) AS LUNCH_OUT_Wed, 
                                              CONVERT(CHAR(5), LUNCH_BACK_Wed, 108) AS LUNCH_BACK_WED, CONVERT(CHAR(5), END_Wed, 108) AS END_Wed, Wed_morning, 
                                              Wed_Evening, CONVERT(CHAR(5), START_Thu, 108) AS START_THU, CONVERT(CHAR(5), LUNCH_OUT_Thu, 108) AS LUNCH_OUT_THU, 
                                              CONVERT(CHAR(5), LUNCH_BACK_Thu, 108) AS LUNCH_BACK_THU, CONVERT(CHAR(5), END_Thu, 108) AS END_THU, Thu_morning, 
                                              Thu_Evening, CONVERT(CHAR(5), START_Fri, 108) AS START_FRI, CONVERT(CHAR(5), LUNCH_OUT_Fri, 108) AS LUNCH_OUT_FRI, 
                                              CONVERT(CHAR(5), LUNCH_BACK_Fri, 108) AS LUNCH_BACK_FRI, CONVERT(CHAR(5), END_Fri, 108) AS END_FRI, Fri_morning,CONVERT(CHAR(5), TIL_TAKEN, 108) AS TIL, 
                                              Fri_Evening, CAST(tot_Monday / 60 AS varchar(7)) + ':' + RIGHT('00' + CAST(tot_Monday % 60 AS varchar(2)), 2) AS TOT_MONDAY, 
                                             CAST(tot_Tueday / 60 AS varchar(7)) + ':' + RIGHT('00' + CAST(tot_Tueday % 60 AS varchar(2)), 2) AS TOT_TUEDAY, 
                                              CAST(tot_Wedday / 60 AS varchar(7)) + ':' + RIGHT('00' + CAST(tot_Wedday % 60 AS varchar(2)), 2) AS TOT_WEDDAY, 
                                              CAST(tot_Thuday / 60 AS varchar(7)) + ':' + RIGHT('00' + CAST(tot_Thuday % 60 AS varchar(2)), 2) AS TOT_THUDAY, 
                                              CAST(tot_Friday / 60 AS varchar(7)) + ':' + RIGHT('00' + CAST(tot_Friday % 60 AS varchar(2)), 2) AS TOT_FRIDAY, [total week], 
                                              [total week] - WEEK_HRS AS unformatted_remaining, WEEK_HRS, Month_No, Monday_dates, flex_id AS flex_id, Comment, Confirmed, 
                                              Week_No, Submit,  Manager_Cert, TIME_LIEU
                       FROM          (SELECT     time2.*, tot_Monday + tot_Tueday + tot_Wedday + tot_Thuday + tot_Friday AS [total week]
                                               FROM          (SELECT     time1.*, mon_morning + mon_evening AS tot_Monday, tue_morning + tue_evening AS tot_Tueday, 
                                                                                              wed_morning + wed_evening AS tot_Wedday, thu_morning + thu_evening AS tot_Thuday, 
                                                                                              fri_morning + fri_evening AS tot_Friday
                                                                       FROM          (SELECT     empid, START_MON, LUNCH_OUT_MON, LUNCH_BACK_MON, END_MON, DATEDIFF(n, START_MON, 
                                                                                                                       LUNCH_OUT_MON) AS Mon_morning, DATEDIFF(n, LUNCH_BACK_MON, END_MON) AS Mon_Evening, 
                                                                                                                      START_TUE, LUNCH_OUT_TUE, LUNCH_BACK_TUE, END_TUE, DATEDIFF(n, START_TUE, 
                                                                                                                      LUNCH_OUT_TUE) AS TUE_morning, DATEDIFF(n, LUNCH_BACK_TUE, END_TUE) AS TUE_Evening, 
                                                                                                                      START_Wed, LUNCH_OUT_Wed, LUNCH_BACK_Wed, END_Wed, DATEDIFF(n, START_Wed, 
                                                                                                                      LUNCH_OUT_Wed) AS Wed_morning, DATEDIFF(n, LUNCH_BACK_Wed, END_Wed) AS Wed_Evening, 
                                                                                                                      START_Thu, LUNCH_OUT_Thu, LUNCH_BACK_Thu, END_Thu, DATEDIFF(n, START_Thu, LUNCH_OUT_Thu)
                                                                                                                       AS Thu_morning, DATEDIFF(n, LUNCH_BACK_Thu, END_Thu) AS Thu_Evening, START_Fri, 
                                                                                                                      LUNCH_OUT_Fri, LUNCH_BACK_Fri, END_Fri, DATEDIFF(n, START_Fri, LUNCH_OUT_Fri) AS Fri_morning, 
                                                                                                                      DATEDIFF(n, LUNCH_BACK_Fri, END_Fri) AS Fri_Evening, CONVERT(VARCHAR, '2085', 3) AS WEEK_HRS, 
                                                                                                                      Month_No, Monday_dates, flex_id, Comment, Confirmed, Week_No, Submit, til_taken, DATEPART(MINUTE,til_taken) AS TIME_LIEU, 
                                                                                               FROM          dbo.EMPLOYEE_TIMESHEET) Time1) time2) FinalTime) flexcel

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Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
Something like this:

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You can use datediff(), I saw this here on EE last week.


Select datediff(minute, 0, cast('12:30' as datetime))

to see the effect.  This will return 750, which is the number of minutes since midnight.

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Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
Yes, folderol is correct that will work as well as it basically creates a datetime stamp at the beginning date a 12:30.  For example on my SQL Server this is 1/1/1900 12:30:00 PM.
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Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
I like that method!
hi what is the datatype of til_taken
CamnocAuthor Commented:
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
Is it stored with same date returned by CAST(0 as DateTime) or is each entry stored with datetime when value was saved?


1/1/1900 12:30:00.000 OR 11/1/2008 12:30:00.000
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
If the former (1/1/1900), then use folderol suggestion - http:#22882211 - like this:

If the latter, then use something like this to find midnight of the day entered and then do the date difference in minutes:

DateDiff(dd, 0, TIL_TAKEN) --> this is what gets you midnight of date specified by TIL_TAKEN
CamnocAuthor Commented:
Thank you all so much.
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