How can I insert CHINESE/JAPANESE/GREEK/LATIN CHARACTERS into an Oracle Table?

I need to insert foreign language ( e. g. CHINESE, JAPANESE, GREEK, LATIN etc. ) characters into an Oracle Table.  Can you describe the complete step-by-step process on how I can achieve this using a SQL QUERY?  I would really appreciate if you can describe this right from the beginning to end.

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Dear Ritesh,

How are you?

in order to make oracle database supporting some language, you have to choose the correct character set while creating your database, the chosen character set states how your database will define the binary data, to know more about character sets see this link:

in your case where you need to insert multilingual data (in your table), you have to follow the following:

create your own database with the following character set : AL32UTF8 (which is the universal character set, and it is the default if you use dbca to create your database)

if you have your data (in a text format), you can (copy paste, or whatever you need to embed with the insert statements ),

OR you can use third party programs like (PL/SQL developer) to connect to your database and do all these functions (you can download it from the following link :

in way or another you have to embed your multilingual data into your insert statements,

try this,

and if you need any other help,
just reply with the question


Basically you have to make certain that the oracle database supports UTF

logon as sys to the database and run this sql statement

FROM sys.props$

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