Force Microsoft IIS in Win2k3 to only allow 256bit SSL connections.

Is there a way to force IIS to only allow connections with 256 bit ssl?
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ParanormasticConnect With a Mentor Cryptographic EngineerCommented:
Are you sure you really want to do this in the first place?  Understand that 256 bit is only supported in IE on Vista & 2008 clients, not XP, 2003, etc., and some non-IE browsers such as FireFox 3.  You may need an SGC 'step-up' certificate to push this to non-256 capable browsers.

That being said, no, IIS on 2003 does not and likely will never support 256 bit SSL.  You would need to get 2008 server to host this as this has the updated Schannel to support the newer encryption algorithms.
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