No response from Laptop

tried taking out memory and hard drive and reinstalled and all I get is the plug light and and can turn on system but no video, no sound, can't open CD drive and no other lights come on.  Does this mean that the mother board is gone.  It was unplugged by mistake without shut down and when I tried to turn it on again nothing.
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Try removing the battery, unplug the adapter. After 30 secs, plug in the adapter only and see if it works. This sometimes works on HP laptops.
It is a bit strange that unplugging the notebook to cause this much damage, but it does sound like something on your motherboard went bad. Sorry for the bad news.
I have once had a toshiba do this due to overheating. The solution was to hold the power button down for 15 seconds. Other laptops you remove the battery + AC plug, then hold down the power button while you plug the AC power back in.

Leave the laptop off and unplugged for a day or so. Occasionally it is a self-resetting fuse that blew for some reason, and it will reset itself if you just don't touch it. Certain thinkpads do this if you get them wet.

Besides that... yeah sounds like a bad motherboard.
try booting with only 1 ram stick, and cd, and disk drive removed : any display ?
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