How to split a PDF into multiple 3 page documents

Hi All

I have a scanned document that is in the order of 124 pages and I want to split it into individual 3 page files starting at page 1. So first file would contain Pages 1-3 Second 4-6 etc etc. I have Adobe Acrobat Professional and the entire CS3 suite, anyone know how to do this?

I would prefer some sort of batching solution I.E I just press a button and it does it all.
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scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will have to do it manually in Acrobat -- I.e. load the 3 pages you want and make a PDF, then the next three, etc.  We have fought Adobe to offer more batch processing in ALL of their software, including command line options in all of the products, for years, and they refuse to offer that functionality so far.  They have the belief that everyone has all the time in the world to point-click their interface.  Sorry.
jmcmillenAuthor Commented:
So there is no way to do it in Acrobat itself?
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jmcmillenAuthor Commented:
Damn. Thanks for your response. It turns out that I figured out how to do this with my scanner, I'm lucky enough that the scanner has the functionality to split the scan into individual PDF's of 3 pages.
It's a day to celebrate when a scanner is smarter than Adobe.  Glad you solved it.
After finding PDF Content Split extremely difficult to use (there was no way to do a straight split on pages without specifying a delimiter or inserting bookmarks), I FINALLY found that there is a split built into Acrobat CS3.  Open the Pages tab and under Options you'll see "Extract Pages..."  There's a very easy option to extract each page as its own file (which is what I needed), and you can extract a range of pages into its own file as well.  In the OP's situation, it might require a bit of time to chunk things out in 3-page groupings.

Also, Acrobat doesn't allow you to specify file names on the export.
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