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1) This is related to Active Directory.
2) This is related to SiteLink
3) I saw a system as the followings:
-SiteLink 1-2: i) Cost: 100, ii) 1,544 Mbps
-SiteLink 1-3: i) Cost: 300, ii) 56 Kbps
-SiteLink 3-4: i) Cost: 200, ii)512 Kbps
-SiteLink 2-4: i) Cost: 200, ii) 512 kbps
4) My Questions: i) What is a SiteLink? [Please firstly Explain it with your own Wordings, and then provide Links (if any)], ii) What it the Goal to INCREASE the cost of a SiteLink?, iii) What is the Goal to DECREASE the cost of a SiteLink?, iv) It was instructed to INCREASE the Cost of SiteLink 1-3 to 500, what is the GOAL or PURPOSE for it?
5) Thank you

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i) A Sitelink connects two sites for replication of AD data, where Site A links to Site B and Site B can link to additional sites as well as A. Depends upon your topology really. We use a hub and spoke type with mesh type topology along the perimeter for redundancy.
ii) The cost of a sitelink determines the path replication will take, lower sitelink costs will take precedence
iii) By decreasing a sitelink cost you are telling the replication paths to preffer that link to send data through to the other site(s).
iv) this would be a smart move as that link has the lowest bandwidth so you are in essence telling replication to use that link as a last resort and to find another route to the other site (3).

hope this helps!
Site links are used to provide links between multiple Active Directory sites. Each site link is configured with a schedule that controls how often replication between sites takes place, and a cost that determines which site link will be used if more than one is configured. A site link with a lower cost will be used preferentially over one with a higher cost.

More details can be found at the following link:
tjieAuthor Commented:
1) So we can put any Cost we want to a SiteLink?
2) The Cost is not decided by any Speed of the SiteLink?
3) Thank you both of you

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