Computer Freezes at Memory Test

I have a computer that in the last year I have completely revamped.  I bought a new Motherboard (Gigabyte K8M800), processor, ram, and video card, ect.  I recently went out of town and shut down my computer before leaving.  I returned home and turned my computer on and it froze immediately at the Memory Test.  I figured bad MB so I bought a new one 2 days ago had it shipped and same problem.  I made sure it matched my processor (AMD ATHLON 64 754 pin Processor) and my Video card which I just purchased a month ago.  I installed it into my machine and it went farther this time than it did with the Gigabyte. On the Gigabyte it would say everything right up to the memory test and stopping cutting the words Memory test off at Memor.  The new MB Foxconn 755A01-6EKRS 754 SiS 755 ATX AMD Motherboard  will load and go just a bit farther.  The wierd thing is they both boot and say 512 MB Ram (Not sure if it matches my VC or what but thats whats in my VC) and it says at the Memory test that I have 1024 MB of memory when I have just 1 stick of 256k ram in there.  (I have 2 512MB Kingston Ram sticks that I thought might be bad so tried these out).  I am clearly perplexed by this situation.  I am very technical suavy when it comes to computers and this blows anything I have seen out of hte water.  PLEASE HELP!!!
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Are you using the same ram in both motherboards? It may be your ram that is bad.
Perhaps resetting the bios might help after swapping ram sticks, as it might not detect you swapped memory.

Try this, take one 512 out, do mem test, check if it freezes. If it doesn't/does, put the other stick in, remove the one currently in (swap), and do the same.. Do they both do it? Have you tested it with yout 256 ram?

Make sure no overclock settings as well are sitting around, and that the clock timings are correct in bios (though reset would be best)

It's a pretty wierd situation, but I'm sure something has to be off somewhere. If you have another CPU or video card to swap (try VC first) to test, perhaps it could be one of those causing the issue.

And yeah, some boards display the memory on the video card at startup, and you think it is something otherwise, I know mine does. So I'm sure that is most likely why ;)

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Also, it could be a bad power supply ( perhaps power outages while you were gone ? )

I hope this helps !
since you changed many things, i suggest making a list of what you will do/change, and what you did already, so not to loose track.
if possible, test your devices (ram, disk vga cards...) on another PC, or on the old mobo, and start with the minimum :
 disconnect also all peripherals and network cables :
motherboard + cpu + 1 ram stick, video card, power supply
on boot, do you have a display? and can you enter the BIOS ?
if NO it is one of the connected, swap ram, Power supply, video card - leaving only motherboard and cpu
if Yes, add devices till the problem shows
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