New tape drive. Backup Exec won't recognise tapes

I have had to install a new DAT 72 backup tape drive in my SBS server as the previous drive had failed.

Problem is that it will now not recognise any of the tapes I had been using previously. The tape drive is available in Devices but the tapes are not recognised by it. I am happy starting again with all the backups (in fact, I am looking forward to starting fresh with this process) but Backup Exec will not work with the new drive and the old tapes.

Is there a process that I must follow to prepare these tapes for the new drive? Do I have to erase them in some way? Do I have to move them to a different media set? And then what? How do I tell Backup Exec that I want to start all over again?

Step-by-step instructions would really be appreciated, this programme is not at all intuitive.

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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) make sure that  you have the correct backup Exec rivers for this tape drive ( NOT windows drivers !! ) Check the Symantec site for more info on correct install for tape drives.

2) Do new Tapes work in the Drive OK ?

3) Have you tried cataloging the tape first ?

4) I think that NTBACKUP has a command line to erase tapes.

I hope this helps !
Hedley PhillipsConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
What happens when you put a tape in, run an inventory and then as SysExpert says, a catalog?

joshgeakeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I was totally mystified why tapes were not showing up in BE. Experimenting with inventory/catalog got it to find them.

Run the catalog - worked for me on BackupExec 10d.
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differdufferAuthor Commented:
I am onsite in 2 or 3 days and will advise then.

Thanks for your tips.
differdufferAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. I have split the points evenly.

To have the new drive work with the existing tapes, you must first "Inventory" the tape in Devices, then "catelogue" them in Media, then move them to your created media pool.
I have many drives and  needed to replace one of them almost every month.Is there an automatic process we can use to run inventory / catalog before the job start?

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