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I have around 50 HP5100 printers available in my facility. My Security team has done a scanning on all the printers and found the community name is set to Public on all the printers. We would like to change the community name to a different name. However even after changing we would like to get the alerts and report generation. Can anyone guide me on how to get this changed.

Note: I have given a complex password in the get and set community name on all the printers.
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Changing a printer's SNMP commnunity name is usually done via the printer's browser interface. Presumably your reports are generated from something like HP's WebJetAdmin, and you will need to change the community name in there as well.

Any particular reason why you want to change the name? There is very little security risc involved, especially with the Get name, which is only used to collect general info from the printer - info that is available anyway to everyone who points a browser at the printer.
ranga_mattaAuthor Commented:
I have provided a value to GEt and SET community name. However if i do a scan on the vulnerability of the printer i can see a result which says Defualt community is set as public. I would need to change the same. LEt me know the options
If the printer still responds to the "public" community name, there is probably not much you can do about it. It may well be the way the printer is designed. Most printers are not intended to provide secure SNMP.

SNMP is not secure even with a password, see:
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ranga_mattaAuthor Commented:
I agree with you even after setting a password it might be insecure. However if password is changed there might be less vulnerable.

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ranga_mattaAuthor Commented:
this is not possbile and it would take only public so kindly abandon this question
You need to close or delete the question. For help, see:
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