Help setting up WordPress Blog - setting file attributes and/or NTFS permissions on cache directory

I am new to WordPress, PHP and Apache and just recently brought up a Windows 2003 web server.  We are having problems configuring a Blog and think we narrowed the problem to permissions on the cache direcotry either NTFS, file attributes or maybe .htaccess file?  Does anyone have any suggestions where to look to find the cause?
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James RodgersConnect With a Mentor Web Applications DeveloperCommented:
you may like this theme but i would recommend you not use it, the cache directory contains undocumented binary files
James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
what makes you think this is the error?

can you run teh following

create a test page with only the following php code




does it run? do you see a page displaying your php settings?
did you set up the isapi for your php in the server?
open IIS
select the website server name, right click and select properties open the home directory tab and select configuration does this extension listing have a .php entry?
if not you need to add one

there are more things to test, but let me know if these items are done/set up and if they are working and you are still having issues

also did the url change???? if the url was changed when to the windows server this can cause

it-kourtAuthor Commented:
The url hasn't changed and I don't believe its a php issue.

The main issue I think at the moment is that Im using a wordpress theme called Indomagz_2 which says I need to CHMOD the cache folder to 777. We are on a windows server so CHMOD doesn't work. Im still trying to make the file fully open so wordpress and the theme can communicate back and forth in order to add and resize thumbnail images.

It could very well be the theme and a conflict with the server, but Im unfamiliar with NTFS attributes and permissions so I am unable to troubleshoot.

Any ideas on how to either fix this or workaround it?

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James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
can you post a link to the blog?

i have set up about a dozen blogs on IIS and never had issues related to file/directory permissions, if configured properly in IIS file permissions should not be an issue, i will download the theme and move it to my wp test server see what happens
James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
oh, and did you run the phpinfo test page?
it-kourtAuthor Commented:
Thanks for looking at the theme. I did decide to go another way b/c of the cache folder problems.
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