Exchange Server Message Routing

I have an Exchange Server 2003 running on a Win2K Server.  One of the users has started receiving messages in her e-mail box that are addressed to other users name.  Does anyone have any idea how to isolate this issue?
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I would make sure message tracking is turned on and the open the log files with Excel and review them.

For clarity sack lets call the user that gets the wrong email userA and the one that is supposed to get it userB.
Does userA just get userB's email or does userA get other users email as well?  
Does userA get all of userB's email?  
Does the email show up at all for userB?
Is this an issue with internal and external email or just internal?

Hopefully the message tracking log will tell you what's going on.  If so don't bother with the rest of the questions.


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Assuming that UserX is getting mails marked to UserY. Please verify the following:
  • Does UserY also gets that mail in his inbox, or is it that only UserX is getting mails meant for UserY
  • Is there is any Rule setup in UserY Mailbox or any Forwarding
  • Or is UserY a Distribution Group actually
Also a screenshot would be helpful (hide confidential details)
kwelimanAuthor Commented:
Only User A has reported the issues thus far.  User B has not been available yet to investigate it.  It appears to be an internal issue.  Neighter user is a distribution list.  I will be able to investigate User B further on Monday and provide further feedback.
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Let us know if what you find on Monday.
I am sure it could have been a typo, I would recommend that you have a look yourself and not depend upon users feedback.
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kwelimanAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took a minute to get back to thia issue, I was off for a while.  It turns out there was an issue in the license of the CA Client Anti-Virus and it had expired and this client had contracted a undetected virus.  Many thanks to all!
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