Palm Treo 700p - export contacts from phone

I have a treo 700p which I can hotsync but only with tasks and memo's.  I can't get the contacts and calendar.  I think formatting and updating it to the latest firmware update will ultimately fix it.  But before that, I need to get the contacts off it.  

I installed the lastest palm software and hotsync on a brand-new pc to verify it wasn't a problem on the pc side.  Same issue.  I can't even install a PRC backup software (to try to copy the contacts db to a memory card).

I do have internet access on it.  I can activesync it (exchange 2003 server) but am afraid of losing those contacts in the initial active sync (about 400 contacts).   Is there a way to download some software over the internet connection on the phone to get these contacts safely exported?   I looked around and can't find any.
Thanks in advance.  
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When syncing the phone with active sync you can't hotsync the contacts and calendar with the palm desktop software.  You'll have to remove the activesync software and then hotsync the phone.  I would make sure that you back up the phone an a different computer first just to make sure you don't loose any data.  Then before you remove the activesync connection you will have to make up a pretend pop or other account because you can not delete the activesync connection if it is the only mail account.

As a side thought, if you can sync via active sync aren't all the contacts already on the server?

fitzpabAuthor Commented:
I was referring to exchange activesync (wireless sync).   Sorry, thought  that would be obvious since it is a 700p  (activesync is only with the windows models).  My mistake in not clarifying.
I understand. I don't think I read the question throughly the first time.  So, you haven't setup the activesync yet.  Because you're afraid of loosing the contacts, which will happen if you do setup activesync.

If you have been able to sync your phone, then it should backup everything to the computer.  When it does this backup you should be able to review the report it creates.  Try hotsyncing it again with the computer and review the logs to see if it backs up the contacts.  If you can confirm that it's backing up ALL the contacts and calendar information then you could confidently update the firmware and then restore your data.

As for the cause of this issue, is there some other software on the phone that might be managing the contacts and calendar information?
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fitzpabAuthor Commented:
The 700p is a palm treo.  Activesync is ONLY for windows smart phones (700w 750w etc.).   Exchange ActiveSync is different.  It uses the Versamail application (called MAIL or EMAIL) to wireless sync to an exchange server.   The 700p uses the palm desktop conduit (some version of pocketmirror) to sync via usb cable to the pc.

I have done all the WIRED syncing I can.  The memo's and tasks will sync this way, but not calendar or contacts.  They just don't show up in the event log as being synched as if they weren't checked (which they are).    There was a copy of BEYOND CONTACTS installed which I removed from the pc and manually removed (using a beyond contacts uninstall doc) the 6-7 application on the palm (HOME..DELETE).   There must still be something on the palm which is blocking the calendar contact sync.    I setup the wired sync on a new pc and same problem, so I know the problem is NOT pc-based.

I need to get the contacts off the phone.   Maybe there is some site where I can compare each application which is on the TREO700p so I can delete anything which is not a system program.  Maybe this will fix the wired sync.

Or some other way of getting contacts off.    I also haven't been able to INSTALL a PRC file via the cable (to use a backup program to copy the messages db to a SD card).

Maybe you don't have the most recent firmware for your phone and the latest version of Versamail.  But If you setup the email connection to your exchange server in Versamail on your Palm 700p it's called Exchange Activesync.  I hate to contradict you but I'm looking at my old Palm 700p in front of me and reading what it says.  My phone is running v2.5 and VersaMail v. 3.5.4.

But that's not the problem.  I suggest you reinstall the BEYOND CONTACTS software and try to sync it with that.  If you remove the Beyond Contact software from the phone it may wipe out the contacts.  If you want to compare your phone, I'll tell you what's on mine.

Under the All menu;
Quick Tour
Card Info
Get BC
Voice Memo
World Clock
fitzpabAuthor Commented:
Thanks...I'll check it out later today when I'm onsite
fitzpabAuthor Commented:
I removed the beyond contacts.  It doesn't remove the contacts.  BC makes it own database.  

Still can't sync.   I will either have to have them manually put the contacts in outlook and then wipe the device.   I know a wipe will fix it, but I need the contacts off first.

If they want to take the risk, I'll try doing the exchange activesync to get them off.  Too bad their is no ONLINE BACKUP solution for this.  I can't even install a PRC as the install conduit is messed up too.
Did you ever review the Hotsync backup as I mentioned in my previous post?  If you can confirm in the backup log that it's backing up the contacts then you could try upgrading the phone's firmware then restoring the data.
fitzpabAuthor Commented:
The log only says backing up memos and tasks.  No reference to calendars or contacts.   If it was backing up the contacts, this post would be done.

I'm out of suggestions .  I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you get the contacts backed up off your phone.  It's unlikely but I hope that activesync allows you to make a copy of the contacts.

Best of luck to you,
fitzpabAuthor Commented:
I am having the user manually write down contacts that he can't lose, then I'll have him do the exchange activesync and see if that works.  I'll post if it does.   I always backup before I do exchange AS for the first time on a device just in case.
fitzpabAuthor Commented:
had to manually wipe the phone
Thanks for the help though.

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I had a similar problem. I was able to finally HotSync to the Palm Desktop on my desktop P.C. by first doing a "warm" reset of the 700p and performing a Palm HotSync before turning back on the phone function on the 700p. Then it successfully synced Contacts and Calendar to the Palm desktop. After turning on the phone function, the HotSync would once again no longer sync the Contacts and Calendar. I have learned that the Verizon Wireless Sync that downloads email to my Treo 700p disables the Palm HotSync Conduits for Contacts and Calendar. It does not matter if you go into the Verizon wireless app. preferences on the Treo 700p and tell it to allow other party-software syncing.
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