Need a good resource for Solaris/Storage enterprise and small scale.


I would like to ask my fellow experts for Solaris resources, including blogs, online books, white papers that can help a UNIX administrator. Also things related to managing Solaris/UNIX related projects.

Thank you.
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Attached you'll find part of my bookmark collection, Solaris and Unix stuff that i've found useful over the last few years. Remove .txt from file for ease of use...


Other Useful Sun/Solaris Web Sites

If you have questions about Sun Workstations and the Solaris operating system and its related software, investigate the sites below. Nearly any answer to any question you might have or any freeware software you might need can be found at one of these sites. Most of these links start in a new or different browser window. Some of the sites may offer shareware, free test or beta versions of software that will eventually be sold, hardware, or perhaps consulting services. I have not used all of these sites, but many are excellent resources.

Official Sun Pages


Sun Microsystems Home Page
Solaris Product Line
Sun's Solaris Freeware
I/O Technologies and Solutions - including driver information
Software Support, Consulting & Education - FAQs and Patches
Sun Network Academy Learning Portal
College Resource and Instructor Support Program
Java Computing
Java Technology Home Page
Sun Academic & Research Computing
Sun Microsystems Press Books
Sun Performance Information
SunSITE Home Page
SPARC International, Inc.






DejaNews Site for searching newsgroups


Online Magazine/Journals


System News for Sun Users
SunWorld Article Works great, costs less by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz on freeware for Sun/Solaris which features the site. See the CNN Interactive site which picked up the SunWorld article.
Inside Solaris
Server/Workstation Expert
Unix Review/Performance Computing
Sun Server


Help Sites

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - the search engine for unix sysadmins
Solaris_fr -- Liste Solaris en français
Solaris Internals
Admin's Choice
The Sun Solaris 8 System Administrator Certification Solution Package
Stokely Consulting Shareware and Public Domain Software for Unix list -- very valuable.
Solaris on Laptops and Notebooks
Solaris 2 FAQ -- read this!
SunWorld's SunWHERE
SunHELP -- another listing of Sun/Solaris sites.
Sun Guru
Sun Managers Mailing List
Solaris 9 for Dummies The full gzipped pdf file of the book is available at Learn Solaris 9 Through Step by Step Lessons
solarisUsersGroup, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Solaris on Intel - x86 FAQ
X86 Solaris
The Solaris Helpers Page
Technow Solaris Training Center Solaris certification practice tests
/training/etc/ Java/Solaris training site
Worldgate Solaris Resources
Doug Hughes' tools and utilities site
Unix Guru Universe
Solaris Sysadmin Tools
A Solaris FAQ
Solaris Central
Heliopod Solaris Site
UnixScape in Russia


Software and Other Resource Sites


Opendocument Format label templates
GNU Web Site
Brave GNU World
X Window ftp site
SEToolkit Web Site
The Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) Home page
The Opera Web Browser
The Toolman Home Page
high availability solution for Solaris
Intel ISP Program Server Products
The Written Word, The Source for Perl
The Perl Institute
CTAN TeX Archive
The Gimp Home Page
Fetter Consulting Security Resources
Sandyx Systems Scripts
SolarisEclipse Quake Site
Firewall Q and A
The Kermit web site
Python home page
QPopper Site
Old version of gcc etc. for early Solaris
Sun Perf Performance Monitoring Tool
The VIM (Vi IMproved) Home Page
The txt2pdf shareware
PennSun -- The Penn State Sun Users' Group
The Geometry Center
NCSA Software Development Group UNIX Products
CERIAS Security FTP Archives
Columbia University am-utils
Auburn University
Elm Info
Xanim Home Page
The NetBSD Project
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This page was last updated on October 20, 2006.
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If you need any more let me know..

kalmenAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone. Appreciated.
kalmenAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone, you've provided me with a wealth of resources.
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