dockable figure in Matlab GUI?


I have several panels(think they are called figure in matlab).
I want to call those panels and dock it below one of the main panel.
The exact thing i want to do is similar to calling property editor/plot browser from the view menu in line plotting demo of Graphics demo.
I looked at the Line Plotting m file, hndlaxis.m but I didn't see how those property editor or plot browser panels get called.
Any idea??
Can you show me an example how it is done.
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This can be done so easily thanks to MATLAB Central. There are two working samples available for download:
MATLAB Central - File detail - setFigDockGroup
MATLAB Central - File detail - Manage and Dock Figures into Group
In addition, a free powerful toolbox is available here:
XTargets - Advanced Layout Management With Handle Graphics (Amazing)
dkim18Author Commented:
Thanks so much I will check them out when I get home.

I have one more question.

You know about the property Editor, browse editor(not sure if this is correct term) one you can call them from the VIEW menu.

I want to do similar things with my panels.

Where can I find information how those property editor and browser editor are called from the VIEW menu??

Thanks so much.
Kindly, check this link:
Show or hide property editor
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