linux network

i have one linux network card, eth0

eth0 >>>>>>> switch >>>>>>>>>>> PC1, PC2

eth0, ip address mask

i added a second ip, using ip addr add

PC1, ip address
PC2, ip address

PC1 i can ping to both and

PC 2 i cant ping to any

what might be the problem
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
seems in PC2 you don't have a standard gateway defined? (check with netstat -r)
Since and are on different networks (according to your netmask), at least to reach  from PC2  will require routing.
Strange thing is, you don't reach  from PC2 either (??)
What does 'traceroute' on PC2 say for both n.n.n.10 addresses?
please provide ip settings for the second pc
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