Warning: mssql_connect() [function.mssql-connect]: Unable to connect to server: (localhost)

I installed PHP on IIS. After configured I manage to connect to the MSSQL DB but there is a warning message. I have no idea what it means
(Warning: mssql_connect() [function.mssql-connect]: Unable to connect to server: (localhost) in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\global.php on line 39).
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are you sure your SQL server is running and give correct username/password to the function?
You've entered your username, password or hostname incorrectly. Check your details and try again. You might also need to connect to a specific port.
can you post your code?

other wise we are guessing.
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risk-xAuthor Commented:
This is my code. Thx


//$webhost = '';
//$internalhost = '';
$dbhost ='(localhost)';
$dbuser = 'sa';
$dbpasswd = 'sasa';
$dbname   = 'companylog';

if(!($s = mssql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpasswd))) ;

if(!mssql_select_db($dbname)) ;

function mssql_setup() {
      global $dbhost;
      global $dbname;
      global $dbuser;
      global $dbpasswd;

remove the brackets

$dbhost = 'localhost'
risk-xAuthor Commented:
after removed the brackets $dbhost = 'localhost' still the same warning message coming out.
Warning: mssql_connect() [function.mssql-connect]: Unable to connect to server: localhost in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\global.php on line 30
I think is the setting I missed up. I tried in the ODBC but it show connection successfully connected to local DB. The same script I get from the server to my local computer but there is no such message coming out in the server.
is the mssql server running on the same server where this php file is being served?
risk-xAuthor Commented:
Yes  the mssql server running on the same server where the PHP file is being served. The PHP file is able coonect to the local DB. I just dont know why this message show out as the PHP file is connected with the local DB. There is no problem connect to the local DB, all the data from the DB able to pull out when served the php file. But there is a message showing out on the PHP file ."Warning: mssql_connect() [function.mssql-connect]: Unable to connect to server: localhost"
if you don't have problem reading data from the server and don't wanna see tihs message, you can put an @ before the function like this:

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try using the actual IP address,

the MS SQL server may not accept localhost
risk-xAuthor Commented:
Thx a lot after i put @mssql_connect(... there is no warning message coming out alrdy. thx alot.

I got the newest version of ntwdblib.DLL and i got a new message:

Error: [2] mssql_connect() [function.mssql-connect]: message: Login failed for user ''. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. (severity 14)Error: [2] mssql_connect() [function.mssql-connect]: Unable to connect to server:
function customError($errno, $errstr)
	echo "<b>Error:</b> [$errno] $errstr";
mssql_connect("xx.xx.xx.xx", "sa", "password");

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