Can a Backup Exec 10d SBS agent act remotely or does it have to be on the host?

We have BackupExec 10d currently on an SQL server with 2 licenses - one being the standard one for 'Windows Servers' and the other for 'SQL Servers'. We also however have an SBS Server that's currently not being backed up to tape.

My plan is to buy a new backup server and I ideally install the SQL agent on the SQL server (see no problems there) and install the SBS agent on the SBS Server.

Does anyone know if its possible to remotely backup an SBS server through an agent? or does the SBS license force backupexec to run from the SBS server?

If this is not possible then I guess I'd need to buy an exchange license etc to cover all the bases in SBS - an expensive route.
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You can install a standard "Remote Agent for Windows Servers" on the SBS server. But in that case you also need an Exchange and SQL agent license as well to back up all SBS components.

You mention an "SBS Agent". Do you mean "Symantec Backup Exec for Small Business Server" ( If so, this is the complete suite. It needs to be installed on the SBS server and does not allow you to use this to back up to a tape drive attached to a remote server (the SQL server in your case).
I don't know of any other SBS agent.
If the SBS remote agent is installed on the remote server, I see no reason why it should not work normally..
I would suggest that you confirm it with the pre-sales tech support of the supplier, though
joshgeakeAuthor Commented:
Yes I wanted to install backupexec to a server and then install the sbs agent and back it up (exchange/sql/everything else) remotely.

Thats what I was thinking, that to protect their ip they would throw a spanner in the works like inability to backup to tape. Looks like I'll have to buy the SQL and exchange agents as well as the normal stuff.

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