Select from two tables with one to many relationship

I have a big problem with select and where from two tables.
On this question:
i got the answer that the best way to store values from a checkboxgroup is to use a new table.
The problem i have is using a searchform how to get wich entries have the values from that checkboxes.
In detail:
I use a Insert page to insert in a table artikel values for :
PRICE  |   Modell  |  USER_ID  |   uuid and the primary key is Art_ID.
Using the value from Art_ID i Insert with a checkboxgroup in table Artextras and a column Extras all the values where ArtExtras.Artikel_ID =Artikel.Art_ID
It looks for ex. art_ID 1 and 2 Like this:
Artikel_ID       |   Extras
1                         10
1                         20
1                         30
2                         20
2                         30
Art_ID     Price   User_ID  ...
1             10          15
2             50          24
Now i have in a search page a checkboxgroup  to look wich art_ID has a specific price and specific extras.
 <input name="S_Extras" type="checkbox" value="10">
 <input name="S_Extras" type="checkbox" value="20">
 <input name="S_Extras" type="checkbox" value="30">
The checked boxes pass the values S_Extras=10 S_Extras=20 S_Extras=30 in the Url to the result page
with the Select query.
(When all is checked i have :Resultpage.cfm?S_Extras=10&S_Extras=20&S_Extras=30)

What like must be the query that is checking if one art_Id has the checked values?

(notice that these are  testpages.The number of boxes are bigger than in the example.)
SELECT A.Art_ID,A.Price,Artextras.Extras
FROM Artikel A
LEFT JOIN Artextras AE ON (A.Art_ID=AE.Artikel_ID)
WHERE..............(I thing that here is the problem to check the URL.S_Extras values ,with the values in Artextras table)

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chaitu chaituCommented:
SELECT A.Art_ID,A.Price,Artextras.Extras
FROM Artikel A
LEFT JOIN Artextras AE ON (A.Art_ID=AE.Artikel_ID)
WHERE Artextras in('values u selected in the checkbox')
PanosAuthor Commented:
Hi chauu
The code now is:
SELECT A.Art_ID,A.Price,Artextras.Extras
FROM Artikel A
LEFT JOIN Artextras AE ON (A.Art_ID=AE.Artikel_ID)
WHERE Artextras.extras in(#URL.S_Extras#).This query does not work good if there have checked more than 1 checkbox.
If i have checked the 10 and 20 i should have only the art_Id as result but now i have both art_Id 1 and art_id 2 as result.
Can i use two queries?
The first one <getart>  should check wich artikel_ID have the values and in the second i can use where
Is these wrong?
chaitu chaituCommented:
If i have checked the 10 and 20  then in the IN clause you can pass parameters like this;

SELECT A.Art_ID,A.Price,Artextras.Extras
FROM Artikel A
LEFT JOIN Artextras AE ON (A.Art_ID=AE.Artikel_ID)
WHERE Artextras in(10,20);
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PanosAuthor Commented:
This query you posted is returning errors in query analyzer but if you did mean this:
SELECT A.Art_ID,A.Price,Artextras.Extras
FROM Artikel A
LEFT JOIN Artextras  ON (A.Art_ID=ARTEXTRAS.Artikel_ID)
WHERE Artextras.Extras in (10,20)
I have result:
Art_ID     Extras
1             10
1             20
2             20

It looks like the query is looking wich Artikel_Id has 10 Or 20.
I want the oposide.
Wich Artikel_Id has 10 and 20
chaitu chaituCommented:
what is the desired result u want ?
PanosAuthor Commented:
I want the art_ID's that have the Extra values  that have been choosen with the checkboxes.
If i have checked 10 and 20 for ex. i want as result only the item with art_id 1 that has in the Aertextras for Artikel_id 1 the values 10 and 20 in extras.
If i had choosen value 20 i want both items.If i had choosen 10 and 40  none.......
chaitu chaituCommented:
ur requirement still not clear?as per requirement posted above its not possible to get results what ur expecting

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PanosAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help
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