How do I navigate a website using its IP address and not the domain name?

I'm trying to navigate this website: using its IP address, which is and it's fairly easy...

...except when I try to login.

The problem is because to login, I have to press a button in a form and not a hyperlink... So I have no control if it will use the domain name or the IP address.

Is there any way to login such that the site will use the IP address and not the domain name?

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Bruce PieterseTechnical LeadCommented:
Hi StephenSpeaks,

Are you having a problem accessing websites with fully qualified domain names e.g. Can you only access a website with an IP?

I had a look at the login process for that page, unfortunately, when you submit your login details, it redirects to There is no way to change it. Even if you change the it to an IP address, you will get a SSL error, which in turn makes data sent to any of the pages after the login process unsafe.

Let me know if you need anything else.


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Actually if you try to browse you will be returned a ssl error, because of host based authentication ( is supposed to show on the security certificate you obtained, your browser sees and loses its marbles). BUT if you add an exception to your browser you will be let to go.

Regarding the story of no hyperlink this is not completely true: simply, there is a POST submission method instead of a GET; username and password are sent with the body of request, insted of being put in clear in the address bar (thank God). You may operate a proper request through a telnet session.
StephenSpeaksAuthor Commented:
huh... that SSL thing only happened recently... anyway, ill give up on this. thanks both of you guys
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