Outlook 2007 autodiscover in Exchange 2003 environment


We are running in an Exchange 2003 environment.

Clients are mainly Outlook 2003 with some Outlook 2007.

I hear that Outlook 2007 has a feature called Autodiscovery which enabled it to automatically connect to Exchange servers as opposed to entering one in when creating the profile.

I'm not sure if this feature only works if you have Exchange 2007 servers though, and can't find a definitive answer on the MS sites.

Could someone please confirm (pref with MS link)

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mikainzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
did not try it, but I understand it in the same way.
maybe this word document will answer your question
excerpt from page 6
Automatic configuration with older Exchange servers
In an Exchange environment that does not include Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or later, Outlook still attempts to locate Exchange mailboxes. Active Directory includes a mailbox server property that can be set for each user. If standard Autodiscover attempts fail, Outlook tries to configure simple Exchange connections to an earlier version of Exchange server by using the Exchange mailbox server property. For a simple server topology with one domain and all Outlook computers joined to the domain, Outlook queries Active Directory for the Exchange server defined for the user logged in to the computer.

kam_ukAuthor Commented:
Ah ok, so it does work with Exchange 2003 then? It contacts the mailbox server listed in the user's AD properties?
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