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How to change crystal graph type/color (iGraphObject) properties runtime

I want to change graph type run time with visual basic .net. Another way how to handle iGraphobject through vb.net in runtime mode. With this i want to change Graph Type, Graph Color and Horizintal/Vertical Position.
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I don't know if you can do that in the .Net version of Crystal.  I am not sure you can do it easily in the full version.

ONe way to do this in rystal would be to have a graph of each type in the report then suppress all but the one the user wants.

Colors are tough to control through the design interface.  I don't know if you can do this in Crystal.

If you mean the position on the screen or the page then I don't think you can do this easily in Crystal.
You could have some blank sections that you suppress or show to move the chart vertically but horizontally is not possible.

You may wish to look into the charting add-on for Crystal from Three-D.  They developed the original Crystal charting and have enhanced the abilities through the add on product.

gprconsultantsAuthor Commented:
Thank for your suggestion. After thinking and trying i decided to develop separate file for each graph. But, still i'm looking for solution. I designed 14 types of graph reports for application. It is better if we handle iGraph object properties in run time mode. At least i want to set Graph Color Mode property such as Color/ Black & White to provide a accurate graph solution for DOT Matrix Printers users.
I'll try to raise Dan from ThreeD graphics to see if he can add anything.

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Dan WeingartAuthor / CRChartCommented:
Sorry mlmcc I don't have much to add.

Our tool would make this very easy since we allow you to set graphtype, orientation and colors at runtime. Otherwise I think the developer is doing the best they can by having one chart with each possible outcome and then suppressing as needed.

Thanks, Dan.  I don't deal in charts much and then they are fairly simple ones.

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