Setting up two SBS 2003 Servers (with exchange) on one LAN

We currently have a SBS 2003 Server running on the LAN. It handles email for

Over the coming weekend, we will be moving another company into the same building. We have a new SBS 2003 Server waiting for them which I haven't configured in any way yet.

My question is this. How do I setup the network to allow for the second Exchange server for

We have a d-Link DSL-504T router which currently forwards all smtp traffic to the 1st SBS server for

Do I just setup another smtp forward for the other domain to the new server.

We have a new HP Procurve 2610-48 which is capable of handling VLANS, although currently we just use the one default vlan. I also have a Draytek 2800 router ready to be put in place if the D-Link router cant do the job.

Any advice or suggestion would be gratefully received.
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The easiest would be to put the servers on different VLANs to keep the two companies separated, as Win2003SBS isnt designed to have more than one server on the same LAN.
Dare I guess that you have only one public IP address? I dont think its possible to let two mail servers share the same public IP. What you would need is two public ip addresses, one for each server.
This will probably require some changes to your network in general. Usually one would have a router connected to the ISP, and two firewalls/routers with NAT, one for each server/network.
Hope this guides you towards a solution.
roy_battyDirectorAuthor Commented:
I can request a 2nd static ip address from the ISP. I know that the draytek router can handle additonal external ip addresses.

The SBS 2003 servers are firewalls as well, so I think that means I have everything I need.
You should have in mind that any connection of the the two SBS will cause you a lot of problems as Lokna said you have to create vlans and keep the two networks completely seperate. Get one public IP for the existing domain and another for the new one and set up the NATs' for each one.

It is not possible to share the two servers on one IP since the firewall will not know where to send the traffic.

What you can do is send all traffic on one (your existing) and create an smtp connector on the exchange server to forward all email for the second domain to the other exchange.

I hope that makes sense

Let me know if you need more info on how to do it.
roy_battyDirectorAuthor Commented:
Thats what I did in the end. cheers mate
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