shareing public folders bewteen orgs exchange 2003

I have two seperate domains (diff forrests)  with a trust in place and each has its own exchange org

is it possible for a user in domain a to access public folders in the other email org in domain B?

outlook and exchange 2003
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mhamerAuthor Commented:
we already use freebusy interorg and can replicate a public folder

i was wondering if outlook can connect to anotherpuiblic folder in another domain/org

company merger   few months before we actually merge though and would like some information available to both parties
Using Inter-Org you actually create the same pf hierarchy on your organization and using the tool you replicate the information (to and fro) so this is how you can see the information across Org.

By default Exchange Organization is the limit of PF Replication since there exist only 1 PF Tree and all servers within it (Are also servers existing in same Org) replicate among each other.
mhamerAuthor Commented:
hi, wasnt a replication question really   I know the above and we are using it sucsessfully

is there any way for a user in outlook to access a PF in a diffrent org.  (similar to open other users mail  box :-)  

not using replication just connecting to it   our org as 60 gigs of PF  there whole server is 30 gigs  so we cant replicate it all but would like users to access our pf.

trusts and rights in place  
How would you allow some one outside your organization to authenticate and access Public folders ??

However, what you may try is to use Resource Forest concept for this, but then that would seem a pain for you to work i guess.

Using resource forest you can log onto another organization and access mailbox and public folders. But that means to create a list of mailbox and apply permissions on it for every user - Naaaah sounds boring right ??

Apart from this - there isn't any other way.

I was thinking also of

But these again wont suit your request.

Bottom Line: Use Inter-Org OR Resource Forest Concept OR move over to Exchange 2007. :)

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