Optical Drive Wont Read DVD Data Disks

I have a new HP HDX laptop with a multi-function optical drive that is capable of reading dvd, cd and blu-ray (and its capable of writing all but blu-ray).  The laptop is very high spec and claims to read all types of DVD.

The problem is that the optical drive will not play any data DVDs.  It will play many movie DVDs (though not all) and it will play both data and audio cds fine.  It is just specifically data dvds such as commerically produced games and software and dvd's that I have burnt on another pc.  Of course I have tested the disks on another pc to be certain they arent at fault.  The drive just spins and clicks a few times (like they do when you put a coaster in) and then stops trying - Vista doesnt report anything and right clicking on the drive icon and trying both OPEN and EXPLORE produce just afew more clicks and spins and then nothing - also the name of the DVD doesnt report in my computer.

I have tried removing the dvd drive, deleting the driver through device manager and then rebooting to allow Vista to reinstall the drive (didnt help at all).  I have also tried asking Vista to search for the latest driver (it reported no updates available).

Device Manager calls the drive  "MATSHITA BD-CMB UJ-120 ATA Device" driver version is 6.0.6001.18000 and driver date 21/06/2006

I'm running Vista Home Premium edition with service pack 1 (32 bit).  The model is HP Pavillion HDX 9200 Notebook PC with Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 @ 2.50ghz and 2.5 ghz with 4 gigs of RAM and 2 internal hard disks and 1 external esata drive (problem occured before installing esata drive).

I have my suspicions its a Vista issue because searching google there are quite  few people with different machines and drives who have a similar issue.  Either that or maybe a conflict with some software I have installed - tried deleting my dvd authoring software to see if it helped - no luck.

I also tried going to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} and deleting the upperfilters and lowerfilters as advised on one sitte.  There was only lower filters as I seem to remember and I deleted it but it never seemed to help much.

I have done all recent updates to Vista and Norton 360 anti virus and all HP updates and re-booted ad-infinitum.  I use the laptop to make my living so the idea of sending it back on warranty doesnt appeal.

Why would it only not play Data DVDs?

Bit stumped :-(  Any bright sparks with some ideas?  


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Michael PfisterCommented:
I don't know that specific drive brand/model but I assume it is faulty.
I'd call HP support and ask them what to do.
Michael PfisterCommented:
Maybe HP has a newer firmware for your drive that fixes the problem... don't know if HP updates it automatically...
glynsterAuthor Commented:
This site is garbage  - so much for "experts".

Thanks fo the lousy response.

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Michael PfisterCommented:
What do you expect? A "magical healing" for your drive?
You found out by your self that this drive just won't read data DVD's.
Either its your specific drive or maybe the entire series is bad, but only HP can help. I've read in other forums that DVD burning works only with specific brands of media...

If you don't like the answer, request a refund.
glynsterAuthor Commented:
I never considered it as a solution thta one person simply said that he thinks the drive might have a problem when that was basically what I was suggesting and asking for a solution to.  I gave a very detailed technical explanantion and explained what I had tried and hoped for a reasoned intelligent response.  I think this guy merely tried to grab some cheap points by hoping that a quick simple brush off would be accepted as a solution.  The only half solution is that I have purchased an external drive becuase my internal one still has what I believe to be a software/firmware error that could be resolved with expert input. Had there been a more systematic appraisal which worked through a checklist of potential problems only to have resulted in the conclusion that the drive was faulty then I would have been grateful for the input and help.  However, a quick knee-jerk "its bust" level of input without any qualification is hardly an expert opinion but the kind of thing I'd expect off a $10 an hour sales clerk at a PC store.
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