Exchange 2003 configuration when using a backup mx provided by isp

we have one exchange 2003 server sending out and receiving mail. In DNS we have only on MX record 10 pointing to We have know a backup mx record (20) on our request, but it seems not to work. I get the impression that no mail will be queued or passed via Do we need to adapt or add some configuration to our Exchange 2003 environment?
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Yossarian-22Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The secondary mx should not require additional configuration in your Exchange server.
You have to have an A record from the secondary MX record pointing to the IP of your email server.
@bcrosby007 - Why should he need an A record? The secondary MX is at the provider. It is supposed to store mails during an outage of the primary MX and forward it to the primary after it's function has been restored.
Therefor the configuration has solely to be done by the provider of the secondary MX. There should be no further configuration necessary for the Exchange server (unless it checks incoming emails for spam via SPF, then the backup MX needs to be whitelisted in the server).
Dont you need an A record to point to the IP address? is all good and fine, but how would the delivering mail server know what IP to actually send the email to? The ISP is the one that has to have the A record because they own the domain. Sorry that I did not explain better, or maybe I am an idiot!
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