Question 2 - Mixing up IIP address scheme - need some more help planning it...

Ok this is what is happening....and I suspect this is more complicated...

Office 1 - Branch office running IP adress /
connect via a fibre link (No routing at present)
Office 2 Main office also running IP address /

I have to change Office 1 to IP address / but they still must have access server at the Main branch ie network

Guessing I could use Win 2003 server with RIP installed sitting in office 1 used as a default gateway - but really not sure where to start...

Ian PriceIT ManagerAsked:
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powercramConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Based on your first question you can already traverse the link between offices so no further setup is required.  

You would only use Windows RIP if you were using it as a router.
Ian PriceIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
This is a different office ...

Office A is on
Office B is on

They are connected via a fibre link...

I need office A to be on  - and talk to office B via the fibre link

I need to split this network into two.

Please re- anwsers...
What type of hardware will you use?
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