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Looking for a solution to communicate a bulletin dynamically to desktops not through a screensaver, but potentiallty through a wallpaper or somthing else, based on a networked solution, not on the desktops individually.
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If you don't mind pushing a client app to the machines, then you can use something like .

You could also enable Messenger (the network utility, not Windows Messenger) on the clients, then push the messages.

If you're talking something more like a calendar, or widget, that's a whole different ballgame.
DawilliamsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input, but I'm not looking for a messaging type app, more like something that would change the wallpaper based on a file on a server, when I change the file the wallpaper would change. I've looked at the screensaver options but when the screensaver kicks in the end user would be gone , conversley  the screensaver would go away as soon as the user touched the mouse. I need something they see all the time and doesn't interfere with there work or security.
There are wallpaper changer solutions.  You could set one up on each client, and set it to use the files in a single, network directory, and set to change the wallpaper every 5 minutes.  If you've only got the most current file in the configured folder, it just reloads the same file.  When you change the file, it changes it on the desktop.  MS even offers a free one as part of their PowerToys set.

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DawilliamsAuthor Commented:
I'll have a look and let you know.
DawilliamsAuthor Commented:
Thats not what were looking for, I appreciate the time though.
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