Hyperlink Org Chart in Powerpoint 2007

HI All

In powerpoint 2003 you used to be able to hyperlink the whole box when creating a org chart, in 2007 however you seem to only be able to hyperlink the test within the box, which is annoying.

Does anyone know a work around ?


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Echo_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah, one of my clients is really frustrated by this. She can't link to grouped objects in 2007. I don't know why it works this way exactly, but I suspect in your case, it's a limitation of SmartArt.

Anyway, the only workaround I'm aware of right now is to ungroup the SmartArt diagram. To do that, you must copy it, Paste Special on the Home tab and choose EMF. Then right-click and choose Group | Ungroup. Repeat Group | Ungroup. Then you can select the individual piece and link to that.

Alternatively, you can place a no-line, no-fill box on top of the area you want to link to. Actually, don't make it no-line, no-fill. Instead, give it a fill and make the fill 99% transparent. Some versions of PPT or the PPT Viewer don't recognize links to objects that are no-line/no-fill or 100% transparent. (I know, I know, it's a pain in the keister.)

Maybe eventually we'll be able to ungroup SmartArt without having to go through all that paste special + ungroup rigamarole. Or maybe they'll actually fix the linking-to-groups issue. Until then, these are the best workarounds I've got for you.
ArmstrongIntAuthor Commented:
HI Echo

Thanks for that it does seem to work, I do have no idea why they removed this feature form powerpoint 07 but what can you do9.


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