Is there a log of deleted files and folders in Win XP?

I am looking for evidence of deleted files and folders in Windows XP and Windows 2000. Is there a log for this and where is it located?
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StyphonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can get several programs which can recover deleted files, even once they've been emptied from the recycling bin. <- this is a free tool that will recover most files. It produces a list of the deleted files and gives you the option to restore them. I highly rate it.
Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
Other than the recycle bin - which may have been emptied - No
i now you want for windows but well for linux:
find * -type d -print -exec rmdir --verbose {} \; >>$LOG

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when recovering a file:

let me say, getDataBack and HandyRecovery are the best imho...Recovering is not the issue sometimes but recovered files must be meaningful...Handy is powerful in recovering especially in image recovery...But since our asker's issue is not how to recover a file, i admit with KCTS...No way...
If the link to undelete-plus is not working, try,64843-page,1-c,utilities/description.html
While jazzIIIlove and KCTS are correct that "Undelete" or recovery programs theorectically are for recovery, they do offer the possibility of showing a list of files that can be recovered.  That list would serve Khalilur's purpose.  The downside is that the recovery programs can show such files only before they are overwritten with new data, so the list will probably be incomplete.
Other free Undelete programs
If you got all you need can you please close this question.
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