microsoft, microsoft exchange will not router e-mail to assigned user

We have microsoft exchange handling mail from 5 different domains, eg *, * etc.

Initially the MX records pointed to the public ip address of the server and all worked well..... mail sent to were forwarded via the exhange server to the appropriate user.  

Now with with horrendous spam problems we have decided to change the mx records of the domains and point them back to the ISP's mail software.

We have create mail forwarding accounts from all the live e-mail accounts from the various domain and are forwarding them all to ', (bouncing all mail and undeliverable)

We now get the exchange server to collect from thepop account called, which it does fine,  and it forwards all the * mail to the correct users, however it sends all other mail to the

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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AdamRobinsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a setting in Exchange to forward all mail that is not to your userlist to the administrator account.  It sounds like you have this checked.  Unless you're regularly monitoring such mail for some reason, you may want to just turn that off.

johnkcarsonAuthor Commented:
Where is this setting please ??
Exchange System Manager -> Servers -> Servername -> Protocols -> SMTP -> Right click Default SMTP Virtual Server -> Click Properties -> Messages Tab -> make sure isn't in the "forward all mail with unresolved recipients" box.
johnkcarsonAuthor Commented:
Unfortunatley there are no addresses in the "forward all mail with unresolved recipients"

Two additional pieces of information:

When I look at the summary of the 'Default Microsoft Exhange Services is show Stopped under Critical, however when you look at the services they are all running... have stopped and restarted all service but still shows Stopped.

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