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I have an application that needs to download files from an FTP site. It is not spyware. I need to figure out the address it it trying to go to so that I may re-direct it. How can I capture the outgoing call to an FTP server from this application?
Neal HartmanAsked:
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nsx106052Connect With a Mentor Commented:
One way would be to capture the traffic on the host sending the FTP information.  Wire shark will allow you to capture FTP traffic so you can see the destination address.  Then you can make your changes. Another way might if you have a firewall that monitors traffic you could check there.  
Alternatively, you could use Sysinternals' TcpView utility:

This will show you any remote address that is being contacted from your system. Unfortunately, the programme doesn't log closed connections, but usually a connection attempt lasts long enough to write the address down or make a screenshot.

Unselect "Show unconnected endpoints" and you will not be distracted by too many data.
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