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Hi there

I have a Windows 2003 x64 Box running exchange 2007 SP1 and BES 4.14.12. Everything is running 100% and has been all year. I am aware of BES service packs but haven't really applied them before. I am being a bit cautious here as its not broken so I don't want to break it.

On RIMS site I noticed

Service Pack 6

    * Filename: besx_upgrader_4.1.6.exe
    * Filesize: 313 MB
    * Date posted: 17-Jul-08


Service Pack 6 Maintenance Release 2

    * Filename:
    * Filesize: 50 MB
    * Date posted: 3-Nov-08

I assume I would install Service Pack 6 to bring the BES up to 4.16? And then the Maintenance Release 2?

Also when I set this up, I couldn't really find much into on 64 bit versions of BES and I wasn't 100% sure this version was, but it did install in the Program Files x86 folder so I assume it is 32bit, but once again I am being very careful here as this servers is running BES and Exchnage on the one box.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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I have a x64 BES running also. You have to install SP6 before installing MR2. Your assumptions are correct.

There isnt much info on x64, so dont feel bad about not finding it. It does install in the x86 folder, as it is a 32 bit app... it doesnt take advantage of any of the x64 stuff... it just doesnt *break* on a x64 system. I hope one day RIM will take advantage of the bonuses of x64.


great I will give that ago.

Cheers Arm

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