Users are receiving a message saying "message is unrecognized document format" when opening attachments.

Users are receving the above error when trying to open attachments with a .doc extension.  I have checked on the BES Server (version and .doc extensions are allowed in the Blackberry Server configuration tool.

Can anyone advise me how I can resolve this ?

Many thanks in advance
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Hi there;

This issue could be caused by the following:

1) The original email message that contained the attachment is no longer saved on the messaging server.


When an attachment is viewed on a BlackBerry device, the integrated account to which the original email message was sent is checked and the attachment is retrieved. If the original email message is not present, attachment retrieval will fail. Ensure that the original email message is present on the messaging server of the integrated account. If it is not, have the original sender resend the email message.

2) The BlackBerry device does not have the appropriate service book to open an older attachment, due to the original service book having been deleted or overwritten.


Have the original sender resend the email message.

3) Corrupt data on the message and service book databases may be preventing attachments from being opened.


Clear the Messages and service book databases using BlackBerry Desktop Manager. For instructions,

4) The BlackBerry device is attempting to open an unsupported attachment type.

Verify that the attachment is supported.

5) The BlackBerry Attachment Service is not enabled on the BlackBerry device.

The BlackBerry Attachment Service is not enabled on the BlackBerry device.

6) The content type of the email message is MultiPart/Mixed.

Cause 1

The original email message that contained the attachment is no longer saved on the messaging server.

Resolution 1

To resolve this issue, ensure that email messages sent to the BlackBerry device use a content type of either HTML or plain text.

Note: A POP or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) messaging server may change the content type of email messages that arrive to it from plain text to MultiPart/Mixed. To determine if this is the case, please contact the administrator of the messaging server.

Resolution 2

Clear the Attachment Data using BlackBerry Desktop Manager:

Connect the BlackBerry device to the computer.
Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
Double-click Backup and Restore, then click Advanced.
From the list of Device Databases, select Attachment Data.
Click Clear.
In the Warning window, click OK.

The BlackBerry Attachment Service is configured to prevent attachments of that particular file extension from being opened.
The file may be an Office 2007 format and is currently is not supported by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
The BlackBerry Mobile Data Service is not running.
If the attachment is a supported format, configure the BlackBerry Attachment Service to allow for the conversion of the specified attachment.

If the file is an Office 2007 format, inform me...
If the BlackBerry Mobile Data Service is not running, start the BlackBerry Mobile Data Service and resend the attachment.

Best regards...
PurityITAuthor Commented:
Hi there and thanks for your post.  The files seem to open ok when they were created in Word 2003 but don't work when created in Word 2007 but saved as a .doc file
To resolve this issue, upgrade to BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1 Service Pack 4, Hotfix 5, which includes support for Microsoft Excel® 2007, Microsoft PowerPoint® 2007, and Microsoft Word 2007.;jsessionid=oFMeYZiUTD3+asQIH4pV9A**

We are talking for Exchange right?
If Domino, inform me...
If GroupWise, inform me...

Best regards...

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PurityITAuthor Commented:
Hi and thanks again.

The link above didn't work but I browsed for it on Google and got it.  Is it a free hotfix/service pack or do you have to pay for it ?
oh sorry...session problem...let me resend the link:

I guess free...not sure...
PurityITAuthor Commented:
We are also running Blackberry server v4
Apply it...
PurityITAuthor Commented:
The soloution was to apply the latest service pack which was Service Pack 7.  As the server was version 4.0 we were unable to appy any service packs for version 4.1 without buying the new software for $999

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