Incomming IMAP emails appear double in Office 2003

Since this morning any emails I receive appear twice.
In webmail I only see one.
Another IMAP account I have works correctly.
Only one rule exists, Send copy to IMAP folder after sending.

XP Pro SP3
Office 2003 SP3

All similar problems I have found are for POP3 accounts.

Any idea's?

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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure a mail rule is not duplicating the emails. Temporarily turn off all rules and test.

Here are other things to check if receiving duplicate emails
Hello DennisPost,

Are you using Gmail or a similar email service?  If so, Gmail SMTP server will send a copy of sent message to webmail.  In Oultook, if you chose to save a copy of sent message in same IMAP sent folder, a second will appear.  Turn off option to save a copy of sent mail in Outlook. Then you will not get a duplicate.

Hope this helps!
DennisPostAuthor Commented:
Hi War1,

Thanks for your time.

We have a linux mail server in Hungary. My IMAP account is configured to use that server.
The rule is working properly.
The only place where I get double emails in in the IMAP inbox. (Though not on the server.)
I reacon this has something to do with Outlook, but I haven't a glue what.


DennisPostAuthor Commented:
Stangely enough, unwanted emails that I add to my blocked senders list are only appear once.......??
DennisPostAuthor Commented:
even stranger still after sending an email, the duplicates are gone.
Send myself an email and open it..... duplicate?!?!?

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