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I am trying to set up a shared list of external email addresses for some users at my company.  There are over 100 of them so I didn't want to do contacts in AD and add them to a group.  We don't really use the public folders to this is kind of new ground for me.  I created a public folder called Store Lists and made ir "mail enabled" which assigned it an email address of storelists@xxxxx.com.  Ok so far.  Then I start adding contacts to that folder.  No problem.  It does show up in my GAL and I can choose it when creating a new email, however, it sends the email to storelists@xxxxx.com and not to the 100 contacts that are actuall inside that folder.  What am I missing here?  Also, when choosing it from the GAL, it doesn't appear as a folder you can browse down into for further choices such as email addresses.  IT is simply a selection and it goes tp storelists@xxxxx.com.  Any advice is appreciated.
Lanee KirbyAsked:
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gupnitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry missed a mail on confirmation that you had posted a comment.
Yes until you link to it, how will Outlook know where to look....follow these steps
  • Click on the Tools menu and then click on Email Accounts.
  • Click Add a new directory or address book, and then click next.
  • Click Add additional Address book, and then click next.
  • Click Outlook Address Book, and then click next.
  • Click OK and restart outlook.
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Lanee KirbyAuthor Commented:
I have looked at the second solution to add a public folder with shared contacts.  I am just trying to be clear.  Mine is set up exactly as this indicates and is only sends to storelists@xxxxx.com.  Do I have to browse to the public folder and pull this shared list into my on personal contacts before it will work?  I feel really stupid on this one.
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