Bios is password protected

I have just realised that one of our HP nc4200 laptops has the bios password protected
I need to get in to be able to enable PXE boot but dont know the password
anyone know how to clear the password without having to remove everything from inside.  According to the service manual for this model - you have to remove everything from inside before you can get access to the battery.  
Dont really want to do this

Any suggestions anyone

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Removing the battery is really the only solution to reset the bios.  Some motherboard manufacturers have a jumper you can move to reset the bios but laptops usually do not.
<<Removing the battery is really the only solution to reset the bios.  Some motherboard manufacturers <<have a jumper you can move to reset the bios but laptops usually do not.

Not at all...My way above is not the only way...but i cannot expose the other ways since this answr will suffice your need...But do it in your own risk...
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TED_UBBAuthor Commented:
thanks for the quick response people

jazzllllove - you provided 2 solutions - the first program mentions that it only fixes AMI bios passwords
The HP nc4200 has a 68DTH bios

I will try the other program from Majogeeks and let you know

Hi there;

of course i want to provide more but i cannot further...

Best regards...
BIOS passwords of modern laptops can't be removed as easily as mentioned in the posts above. The passwords are stored within security chips on the mainboard, and you have to know the password to be able to remove it. The only other option is to get in touch with HP, provide them with proof of ownership, and then they will either help you directly, or you'll have to send them the notebook. This is usually not a free service, and many manufacturers actually have to replace the motherboard or the security chip. Some can also calculate a master password from the PC model number and serial number.

This is a security feature that makes it really hard for thiefs to be able use or resell the PC and therefore a good thing. You should really set a firmwide BIOS password, and not pass it on to the users. That way you protect your PC's and the users won't be able to set their own passwords.
TED_UBBAuthor Commented:
Just occured to me that to be able to use the Kill Cmos software I have to boot from floppy which I cant do as multiboot has been disabled in the Bios and I cannot get into the bios as it is password protected.
ssssooooooo - cant use that route

The only options availible then is to either wait for the 3rd party company that supplied the laptop to see if they have records of password, open the laptop and remove the RTC battery or contact HP who will most like charge an extortionate amount

Oh well
thanks anyway
Removing the battery won't be of any help. That would just reset the CMOS, but not the password.
TED_UBBAuthor Commented:
According to the HP nc4200 service manual it says that removing the battery will clear all passwords and CMOS Settings.

>>Removing the battery won't be of any help. That would just reset the CMOS, but not the password.
As far as i know, removing will clear the password...But rindi is more knowledgable in those issues...I trust him...

I don't know i can post more links or advice a program...It may be against EE policy...

Best regards...
TED_UBBAuthor Commented:
Any suggestions would be great - I really dont want to open up the laptop as it involes at least 10 steps before getting to the battery.
How about this - I have other nc4200 models and they dont have a password.  Is there any software that would allow me to copy the bios settings from one without the password onto the one that has the password.
Try for this:

It's explaining the BIOS backup but i am not sure if it will satisfy your needs and it will be successful but worth to try...
I'm not aware of any modern laptops which don't use a security chip to store the password. On old laptops (ca 4 years and older) you didn't have such chips yet.
According to the service manual, removing the RTC battery will remove all passwords and reset the CMOS
Page 1-4 of the service manual

Here are the video guides that shows the removal of parts for this model.
According to these guides the RTC battery is on the underside of the motherboard and require a full disassembly of the laptop.
the order of removal is, the battery, hard disk drive, Bluetooth module, keyboard cover, keyboard, button board, wireless LAN Mini PCI card, fan, heat sink, display panel, top cover, speaker, LED/IR board, and system board.
TED_UBBAuthor Commented:
thanks for all your help guys - untimately I was looking for a solution that would not involve me opening up the laptop.  
I have decided to wait for the 3rd party supplier to provide me with the bios password
or I have also asked for our maintenance contractor to send a hp credited engineer to do the dirty work of opening up the laptop if neccessary.

Guess I can close this call - no solution really found as I already knew that one of the only ways would be to open the laptop.


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