Getting Error "System.Data.OleDB.OleDBPermission" Failed

Hi All,

I am having this problem with an application and an Access database. It works find on the local drive but as soon as it goes onto a networked drive, the attached error appears. Any ideas how i can sort this? Is it an application or computer issue?

Thanks in advance!
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Joel CoehoornConnect With a Mentor Director of Information TechnologyCommented:
The .Net framework has a built-in security feature, known as trust.  For framework versions 2.0 through 3.5, code that runs from a network share is not "trusted" for certain operations, including database access.  Supposedly 3.5sp1 puts things right again, but in the meantime I'll refer you to the question below, which includes instructions for allowing a specific network share on a specific machine (Yes, this must be done on every machine that needs to use the program):

If you have a lot of machines, then I recommend using a ClickOnce deployement rather than just dropping the .exe on the network share.  It's almost as easy.
previewservicesAuthor Commented:
Thank-you for your response!
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