Flash9f.ocx and Access Denied when attempting to delete second Operating System Windows XP Professional

For reasons too numerous to go into, I now have two Windows XP Professional O/S installed on the same partition, thanks to bad advice from someone I paid to fix my computer. The original XP is installed in C:/WINDOWS.  The second XP is installed in C:/WXP2. I understand what I am seeing when, at startup, the two O/S's are listed, and I know which is the "old" one (supposedly virus-laden) and which is the "new" one, intended to give me a fresh start without viruses. And I understand about editing boot.ini to remove the line for the old O/S. So far so good. But the expected results did not happen. The techie I paid said that it would be a simple matter for me to delete the WINDOWS folder, edit the boot.ini, and have only one fresh installation of XP. (BTW, the reinstallation CD for the XP that came with the computer was used for the second installation.) What I have experienced is that some programs that remained installed in C:/PROGRAMS has had to be reinstalled while working in the new XP in order to be accessible through the new O/S. Okay, I can live with that even though it has meant digging up product keys and serial numbers and sometimes contacting the software mfgr. on-line in order to get these numbers and retrieve access to the full version of a program instead of a limited or trial version. The Number One problem is that I cannot delete C:/WINDOWS folder. I attempt to do so from within the new O/S. Every time, action will appear to be occurring on-screen then the deletion will stop and a message box will open:  Cannot delete Flash9f.ocx. Access denied.  I know this forum has several answers to this non-deletion glitch but none of them address my exact issue.

I have gone into the Registry of both O/S's, done a search for Flash9f.ocx and changed the value to "value not set."  I have done all the usual things I can think of to delete this file, found in C:/WINDOWS/system32/Macromed/Flash.  Flash9f.ocx exists only in WINDOWS (the old O/S). It does not exist in the new O/S.  Adobe Flash Player and/or anything Macromedia does not exist in the Add/Remove Programs list in the old O/S. There are other minor things that I have done as workarounds to remove the folder C:/WINDOWS and none have worked. The deletion stops when the file Flash9f.ocx is encountered.  Even if I were to able to delete Flash9f.ocx, I have to wonder whether the deletion process will encounter yet another file with Access Denied which will halt the process.  Why do I want to delete C:/WINDOWS ? Because it's there, because it takes up space, because I don't need it -- the new O/S installation is working glitch-free, and because -- since there were virus problems with the old O/S which the techie couldn't resolve -- I would think that the presence of the old O/s could cause problems later on. Better to get it out of there but how?

Thank you, experts, for reading my possibly too lengthy question.
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Reboot into safe mode and try deleting it there. Failing that, use the XP Disc and boot into the recovery console. From there you can delete this file.
CatherineAAuthor Commented:
I appreciate your prompt response. I went into Safe Mode in the old OS but could not delete the file (same msg).  I am not fully understanding the matter of booting into the Recovery Console. I went into Setup and changed the Boot Sequence so that the computer would find the CD first (thinking that's what you mean when you say to boot into the Recovery Console). However, the same black screen w/the OS choices appeared and defaulted to the new OS. From this point, I am still in the weary process of trying to get to this Recovery Console via the CD. No success going through Run in the new OS. Will reboot to the old OS (where the bad file is) and try that way. Have also read microsoft.com's support article and had no success with their instruction to use the Run path x:\i386\winnt32.exe/cmdcons .  I'll keep trying to understand what I'm doing here and will get back with this board to finalize this question and hopefully close it out.  Thank you again.
To boot into the recovery console insert the Windows XP disk. Boot into the cd as if you were going to install Windows XP but instead of pressing Enter to setup, you get the option to press R (I think) to go into recovery mode. This will open a CMD window from which you can type "DEL /f C:\Windows". That should clear the entire OS.
I'm still a little sceptical that even once the old OS is gone, the new one will work OK. Installing a 2nd OS on the same partition is a bad idea. You could experience unforseen problems in the future. I would recommend you backup your files and then completely format the hard drive and start fresh.

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CatherineAAuthor Commented:
I couldn't agree with you more about installing a 2nd OS on the same partition. And I paid this techie $75 for that advice. Will try to access the Recovery Console again. First time, pressing R did not take me there. If no success, I am opting to replace the hard drive, do a totally fresh installation of XP, also purchase an EHD enclosure, retrieving my data from it (although I have most of it already on a USB HD, or otherwise reformatting the original hard drive and then having a spare onboard if there is a bay. Thank you so much for your wise counsel.
You're welcome, glad I could be of assistance.
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