VMWare VDI stuck in shutdown

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I have ESX Enterprise Server 3.5 on 6 blades.  I aWithin the VMWare Infrastructure client.  THis was my VDI  It immediately hung the machine and gave an error that I can't recall.  I tried rebooting the VDI through the ViC as well and now it's just stuck "in progress" so i can't do anything with it at all.  I can't remove the ISO, I can't force a shutdown or reset or poweroff because it says there's already a task in progress.  I can't Vmotion it to another blade because it says it can't see a heartbeat.  

Should I just restart the vmware management services on the blade it's on or something?

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Try restarting the Virtual Center service on the VC host. That will make the "in progress" message go away. If you still have a probem with VMotion, also try reinstalling the VC agent or remove/add the esx host.


It ended up being a hung process on the esx server thinking the guest was still on it.  So the swap file was "in use" but really wasn't.  Rebooting the ESX server worked.  Restarting Virtual Center did not work.  Disconnecting the host and reconnecting also didn't work.  It ended up not having to do with communication from the VC to the host.  It was more a deal with a dirty shutdown (i think).  That link the guy posted above about HA having it's hooks in the process was what helped me solve the problem.



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