tftp server 16Mb limit use RCP (while trying to copy a 22Mb IOS out of a Cisco 6513)

I'm trying to copy out the IOS from a Cisco 6513 switch using :
> copy bootflash: tftp
. . .

& it reported:
"file size exceeded 16M tftp limit, use RCP"

I used 3Com Tftp server.  Where can I get RCP &
any tftp server that could copy out a bigger file
(above 16Mb)?

A freeware is needed.  Let me know where to
download from & how can I do  this "rcp" with

Can't find "rcp" command in CatOS  in the CatOS
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Does it has this 16Mb limit or the 16Mb limit is something that's set
on the switch's ACL (I'm home now, did not get to check this earlier):

ip rcmd rcp-enable
ip rcmd remote-host <dummy-cw-user> a.b.c.d <dummy-cw-user> enable

So for rcp, is the command :
copy flash: rcp:
The 16Mb limit is with the 3Com tftp server (not the switch).  I've transferred 70 - 80MB images to and from 6500's using Solarwinds TFTP server.
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Thanks, just got Solarwinds Tftp.  It appeared to be a 30-day trial
or did I get it wrong?
The entire Solarwinds "toolkit" is a 30 day trial but the TFTP server is free.
I dont know if the 6500 supports this ,but you can use straight ftp also.

copy running-config ftp://username:password@ip.of.ftp.server/path/filename.bin

I've used this when tftp for some reason refused to work.

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sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Somehow we still ran into 16Mb limit with Solarwind tftp so jcs method of
using "ftp" worked.  We used 3Com's ftp server (just that I'm not sure if
it got transferred in "ascii" or "binary" format as 3Com ftp server has no
option to set the default mode/;type of transfer :

Any way I can specify to copy in binary/ascii in the command below :
copy flash: ftp://username:password@ip.of.ftp.server/path/filename.bin

When I issue "ftp" to a server, it allows me to specify 'ascii' or 'binary'
mode while at the  ftp> prompt
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
I meant to ask :

Is there any way I can specify to copy in binary/ascii in the command below ?
copy flash: ftp://username:password@ip.of.ftp.server/path/filename.bin
It depends on the server you use. The pix has no option to select binary or ascii. You can set the server to force ACSII or binary. I'm not sure if the pix has both modes or not.
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