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I have Hyper-V running on a powerful server and I have one of the virtual machines mounted to an ISO hosted on a fileshare on an HP DL380 G4, lets call it fileserver1. The bottleneck in the whole setup is fileserver1.

Fileserver1 is setup with a RAID5 array that we've been using for about 4 years i guess. Its been a great fileserver to about 40 staff members. Running Windows Server 2003 Standard with 2x Xeons @3.4GHz and 1GB RAM. All servers have 1GB NICs connected to GB switch. It is a really underutilized server averaging about 5% in every performance counter in perfmon. With the iso file mounted to the virtual machine on the other server, fileserver1's Pages/sec counter maxes out which is apparently the bottle neck.

My questions
1. How can I reduce this bottlleneck? I'm not sure if I should add more RAM becuase i've heard fileserving is not RAM intensive and this is the only time pages/sec even gets close to maxing out.
2. Is there a set of best practices or suggestions that will allow me to optimize the performance of fileserver1?
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well the problem is that your peak is over 1 GB, which means that at some point you were doing a lot of paging which drastically slows things down.

You should run perfmon in log mode to see when this is happening or simply add 1 Gb more RAM

I hope this helps !
Nuno MartinsCommented:
I notice one thing a little wile ago if you disable receive side scaling on the network card your network will work faster.
this teak was made in a DL380 G5. But you can try it and test it.

twcadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tip but the network doesnt seem to be maxing out at all
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1) Check task manager and see if All the RAM is being used in the commit charge Section.

If total or peak is > 1 GB then you need more RAM

You should use perfmon to monitor more counters to see the exact issue

I hope this helps !
twcadminAuthor Commented:
Under commit charge total is bouncing around 366,000 and peak is 1,169,504 so if theres a 1GB ram already in there, and commit is only around 360MB, doesnt that mean theres plenty of RAM?

Physical ram says 570MB available
twcadminAuthor Commented:
Any suggestions for improving this bottleneck or best practices as I requested?
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