The Handle is invalid when running an exe from CD/DVD drive ... Network Wide

All across the network we cannot run executables from our cd rom drives.  I really started noticing right after we installed SEP 11.  I've gotten with Symantec but they are denying it's them.  ANyone know of some tests or a solution that could get me off my stumped state.
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I'm having a similar issue and it seems to be due to settings within the Application and Device Control policy. If you want people to have access to CD drives have you got a group in SEP that has this policy disabled or more specifically CD/DVD Drives class allowed?
Try copying the contents of the CD onto a Network drive rather than a CD Rom drive.
ibtayaAuthor Commented:
great thought, let me check that out.
ibtayaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.  SEP Application control has a default setting to "block programs from running from removable drives" that was checked.  I could dig deeper and still block .exe's from USB but enable CDRom.  And apply it to my group only.  But still, really not liking SEP 11.
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