Creat script to perform a task.

I have a few simple requirements that I know can be accomplished using either VB or WSH.
I need a script to run from each workstation and perform the following:

1. Create a new folder on the server share \\student-srv1\LabBackup\<MachineName>
2. Copy of the "C:\Documents and Settings" folder and deposit this into the folder \\student-srv1\LabBackup\<MachineName>

So for example if the script were run and completed on machine named "LabPC-213":

-A folder called  "LabPC-213" would be created with the path \\student-srv1\LabBackup\LabPC-213
-The folder "Documents and Settings" from LabPC-213 would be copied into the folder LabPC-213 on \\student-srv1\LabBackup\ leaving \\student-srv1\LabBackup\LabPC-213\Documents and Settings
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I would use a batch script for this:

set dest=\\student-srv1\LabBackup\
mkdir %dest%%computername%
xcopy /E /C /Q /Y /Z /H /R "C:\Documents and Settings" %dest%

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every1isevil2Author Commented:
Great! I had to modify it just a bit.

 set dest=\\student-srv1\LabBackup\
mkdir %dest%%computername%
xcopy /E /C /Q /Y /Z /H /R "C:\Documents and Settings" %dest%%computername%

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If that script worked for you why are you closing the question without awarding points? I didn't see anything in your modifications that would make any difference in how the script runs.
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