Cannot connect to console via DRAC 5 on Dell PE 2900

I have a Dell PE 2900 w/ a DRAC 5 in it.  I've changed the service ports to 8080-http & 8443-https.  I've programmed the firewall to redirect traffic to the DRAC.  That's all working just fine.  I can log into the DRAC page remotely.

The problem is when I go to connect to the console the session viewer opens, I install a few activeX controls, then I get an error "Login failed, unable to connect to appliance, due to network problem."

I'm only forwarding http and https traffic via 8080 and 8443.  Are there additional ports I need to configure?

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You need 5900 and 5901 open for VNC. That is the console. Also remember to racreset after you do all the commands to change the drac settings.
jamie177Author Commented:
Excellent!  Just what I needed to know.  Thank you mmcodefive!
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