How can I remove users from global address lists like "everyone".

We have several users that come and go with college so there here for summers and breaks. What I would like to do is remove them from global email groups like "everyone". Without deleting there AD account. I can remove them from the groups we have set up through AD but they are still in the everyone list. We use exchange all servers are 2003 SP1.
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mtzmindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I see that u want to remove a certin user from everyone group , if  is that true then it is impossible to do that  becouse everyone group contains everyone
you can do instead  of that   adding the individual user to the DACL of the object  and then prmitt  him or her the DENY PERMISSION  to that object ,that means he will not be able to see or use that object and then he will not recieve the email from you
easier way to  create a group named restricted group and add all the user to this group and then add this group to the DACL of the object then prmitt this group the deny access
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If you select teh your in the Ad and htne choose the "Exchange Advanced" Tab.. There is a little tick box at the top there to hide the user / group from exchange address lists...

John above is correct, however the change is not immediate, so don't expect to see the user gone from the list immediately.
probably you are talking about a querybased distribution group . You need to look at the query used & modify the query accordingly .
bankadminAuthor Commented:
I will try Johns solution first and let you know if it does what Im looking for. Thank you all for you input!!!!!!!!
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