Send command to another PC to start a program

I have 2 PC's that are both on the company network. While I'm running a program on PC1, I need to notify PC2 to run a program locally on that PC.  A possible solution is thru the 'Net Send' command but that has been disabled by IT.  Any suggestions on how to do this using C# 2005?
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No experience of C# but i use Psexec for launching things on other machines.. !
This can be done fairly easily using a Windows Service.  You can write a windows service for PC2 and register it exposing the startup method for that program.  Then from your first program all you have to do is a remote procedure call.

Look here for the windows service info

Look here for the info on doing a WCF remote call from PC1
BarblessAuthor Commented:
Thanks John and wildwood, both your advices work.
I'm using John's suggestion because it uses something that already exists.
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