Oracle Insert from One Table to Another Table, Same Schema

I want to copy rows from one TableA, with over a million records,  to anther TableB with identical column names, both in the same Schema.  TableB is completely emply, but has several more columns, so in effect, TableA is a subset of TableB.  How do I copy rows from Table A to the empty, Table B?  Thanks.
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JoalkatAuthor Commented:
Great!  Answered my question.
Points Please :)

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Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
If performance is an issue, you may want to do a couple more things.

First: "alter tableb nologging"
Second: repeat that command for each index on tableb, for example: "alter index tableb_ix1 nologging"
Third: do the insert like this:
insert /*+APPEND */ into tableb (col1,col2,col3) SELECT * FROM TABLEA;

This may allow the insert to be *MUCH* faster.  You should do a backup though of the tablespace for tableb and for any indexes on tableb after the load, since the load will not be recoverable otherwise.
JoalkatAuthor Commented:
I'll shoot you the 50 points once I understand how to release.  Thanks for your patience.
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